The Principal appoints a Chief Superintendent of examinations for the University examinations being conducted within the college. Chief Superintendent is the second supreme authority for all exam related activities. To assist the Chief, the Principal also appoints an assistant called the ‘Paper Charge’. The principal usually appoints experienced and regular teachers of the college to both the above posts. In addition to the above teachers, one administrative staff and two attenders also assigned for the smooth conduct of examinations. The administrative staff will prepare the timetable, issue hall tickets, communicate with the University for Various Exam related purposes etc. The attenders help administrative staff for preparing the exam halls, and other related duties. The Chief and the Paper Charge will prepare duty chart for all the teaching faculty members in the college in rotation order. This will ensure that all teachers are assigned with equal duty in an academic year. They are also responsible for keeping the Question papers, Answer scripts, maintaining the accounts of the answer sheets and distributing question papers to the examiners (faculty members) on the examination day as per the duty chart. The examiners are in charge of invigilation as per the University rules and regulations.

In charge
N. Mohammed Rahmathulla