Department Profile

The department has been functioning with a B A Programme since the inception of the college. The student intake is 40. The M.A. English Course began in 2003 with a student intake of 20. The department has Five permanent teachers and Six guest faculties.

The department has organised several national and international seminars and symposia over the past few years. Two day National Seminar on Media and its Current Significations during November 2013, Two day National Seminar on Politics and Poetics of Representation in 2016 are a few to mention. The  International Coloquium on Creative Teaching and Learning in Higher Education organized between December 12-14,  was another prestigious event organized by the Department. Erudite Lecture by Prof. Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, world renowned scholar, theorist and professor of English at Columbia University, was the major highlight of the three day colloquim. The department has a full-fledged Department Library and a Lecture Hall with public address system.


Secured top ranks in BA English at the Calicut university.

<p>Sullamussalam Science College is basking in the glory of its exceptional students as three remarkable individuals from the Department of English have secured top ranks in BA English at the Calicut university. Leading the pack is Aysha Noon Ramzan, whose dedication and academic prowess have earned her the prestigious 7th rank. Following closely behind is Arva Munni T.K., whose scholarly contributions have earned her the 8th rank. Additionally, Riya U.M. has secured the 10th rank, further adding to the college's pride.</p>