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Dr. Muhamed Ilyas Principal

Welcome to Sullamussalam Science College!

With sincere feeling of the great responsibility that has been entrusted upon us, we maximize our effort to uplift the backward, rural and minority community of Malabar in general and of Malappuram district in particular. Understanding the fact that the Gross Enrollment Rate (GER) in higher education is very low in our district, we provide a serene atmosphere in the campus congenial to the academic growth and facilitate healthy practices beneficial for the all round development of the students.

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Your hard work paid off. You inspire others and bring pride to our college. Keep striving for greatness and embrace new challenges. Your future is bright. Well done!

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Ph.D. Open Defence

<p>Department of computer Science organized open defense and viva voce of Mr. Muneer V.K and Rizwana Kallooravi Thandil on June 12 2024.&nbsp;</p>

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Congratulations to the PSC Model Exam Toppers

<p>Congratulations to the PSC Model Exam Toppers 1st Place: Aysha Isma KP 2nd Place: Hasla 3rd Place: Archana PC</p>

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The official launching of Certificate/Add-on Courses

The official launching of Certificate/Add-on Courses at Sullamussalam Science College, which took place on October 20, 2023, marked a significant milestone in the institution's commitment to academic enrichment and professional development. Under the esteemed guidance of Dr. P. Muhamed Ilyas, Principal, the event showcased a diverse array of courses tailored to meet contemporary industry demands, including Certified Professional Computerized Accounting (CPCA) by Golden Wings, Data Science & Analytics (DSA) by Codeme, Basic Mathematics Techniques (BMT) by the Department of Economics, SSC, and Data Analysis using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) also offered by the Department of Economics, SSC, in association with IQAC. This past initiative exemplified the college's proactive approach in preparing students for the dynamic challenges of the modern workforce, laying the foundation for their future success.

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Dr. Noufal K.P (2001 Computer Science)

Deputy Director, Information Kerala Mission.

Sullamussalam paved the strong foundation throughout my career. Campus instilled in me a deeper sense of academics and a greater commitment to public service. The experience of working and learning together as a team was invaluable.

Afsal K (2010-13 Physics)

Research Assistant Professor, Japan

My journey at SS College was transformative, thanks to the unwavering commitment of its exceptional faculty. I am forever grateful for the strong foundation and opportunities SS College provided that have shaped my success today.

Dr K. Rizwana Sultana (1999-2002 English)

Associate Professor & Head, Farook College

I am deeply grateful to my alma mater for the invaluable education and experiences it provided during my BA in English Language & Literature. The dedication of the faculty and the vibrant academic environment shaped my intellectual growth and passion for literature. I appreciate the friendships and connections I made, which have enriched my life beyond measure. Thank you for being a cornerstone in my journey of learning and self-discovery.

Sayyid Rabee Hashmi (2009 Mathematics)

Joint Director, Indian Information Service, Mumbai

Although I studied at the college for only a year, it instilled in me a deeper sense of academics and a greater commitment to public service. The experience of working and learning together as a team was invaluable. I am grateful to the college, especially the faculty and friends, for shaping me during those crucial years.

Shabeeba T. K (2019 Mathematics)

Ph. D. Scholar IIT, Hyderabad

My time at Sullamussalam Science College, Areacode, laid a robust foundation for my academic journey. Receiving the Jabsir-Ali Foundation scholarship for topping B.Sc Mathematics and utilizing the college library's extensive resources were pivotal in shaping my academic career. The exceptional guidance and support from faculty members enabled me to achieve significant milestones like securing the PMRF fellowship, gaining admission to TIFR Mumbai, and excelling in exams such as NBHM, GATE, and CSIR-JRF, along with achieving the second rank in M.Sc Mathematics at NIT Calicut.

Fasil OK (2013 Computer Science)

Lead AI Engineer, Samsung

Graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Sullumussalam Science college in 2013 was a pivotal moment in my career journey. The hands-on experience I gained through various projects was invaluable and provided me with practical skills essential for the industry. The enduring mentorship and unwavering support from my professors have been instrumental in achieving my career goals. The education and guidance I received laid a robust foundation for my professional success, and I remain profoundly grateful for the lasting connections I maintain with my esteemed teachers.